Warranty Information

The product warranty period is 1 year, but man-made damage or repairs that are not covered by the warranty are not accepted.

After the product warranty expires, you can still contact [Customer Service Center] if you need repairs, or contact our Taiwan agent for repair and delivery.

The non-warranty scope includes:

1. Failure or damage caused by natural disasters, earthquakes, lightning strikes, abnormal voltages, poor transportation, storage, impact or heavy pressure, environmental factors
2. Forged or altered product serial number barcodes, or damaged barcodes Those who cannot identify the warranty period
3. Dismantled or modified by unauthorized repairers
4. The product is immersed in water, corroded, dropped, squeezed or exposed to abnormal temperature and humidity
5. The product is used as a test fixture, and the product interface/slot/gold finger/unusual wearer
6. The product is not an authorized agent or distributor provider (who does not have an authorized agent warranty sticker or warranty card)

Which cases are caused by man-made damage, the warranty will not be accepted:

The criteria for man-made damage are the following 6 items:

1. Circuit board (PCB) circuit breaks
2. Parts fall off and burned
3. Parts are deformed
4. Disassemble parts
5. Foreign body intrusion cannot be removed
6. Moisture or soaking of the circuit leads to oxidation, patina, and corrosion of product parts.
7. Leather products embroidered threads or surfaces are worn, scratched, or damaged

※The product failure judgment problem must be professionally judged by our company. If there are other factors that cause the product problem, you need to wait for the judgment result to determine the warranty method.

What should I do if the product is missing or defective:

If the product is found to be missing or defective within 7 days of the appreciation period after purchase, please contact [Customer Center] and keep the inner and outer packaging intact. We will exchange the product for you after confirming the condition:

1. Apply for a new product exchange, only the same product is the main product, and the equivalent product cannot be replaced.

2. New product exchanges will be sent out within three to five working days from the time the goods to be exchanged are received

3. If the product is out of stock or production is discontinued, you will be notified of the estimated time of arrival, or the equivalent product will be replaced

How long does it take to exchange, return, and repair:

Replacement: It is necessary to confirm that there are missing parts or defects in the item that needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, after receiving the product to be replaced, wait three to five working days before sending the replacement product.

Return: The return operation must be performed in accordance with the operations of each credit card and cash flow system. Generally, the return period is confirmed by each bank or each system.

Repair: It depends on the product to be repaired and the item to be repaired. The actual return time is based on the actual repair time.