Refurbished Product

[Description of the new product definition]

1.The product itself is a brand new product, which has not been assembled and used, and is only checked out of the box during quality inspection

2.Except for the appearance, all the functions of the new products are not affected, only the appearance of the product has minor defects

3.New products still enjoyTESORO provide 1annual warranty service

4.This brand new product cannot be exchanged. If you need to exchange the product, please return it within the 7day appreciation period

5. The conditions of each gaming chair are different, so I cannot explain them one by one.

6. The number of newly released products is limited, and the price is cheaper than ordinary products. Buyers who pay more attention to appearance should purchase with caution

7. All discounts are not applicable to new products, and currently only free shipping service is provided

[Sample new product clearance status]

The following are examples of three new products that you will encounter. It does not mean that every one will have the same situation.