01What should I do if the mouse is double-clicked automatically?

If the mouse triggers a double click when you click once,
The internal spring of the mouse loses tension
Custom settings will be set in a single click For double click

Please confirm the settings of custom settings first, if this continues, please contact us for warranty or repair

02 There seems to be a problem with the mouse cable, I can’t use ? after connecting USB

Please confirm the following kind of problem first:

The system displays "Unknown USB device": Please go to [Download Center] to install the mouse driver and reinstall

The mouse does not work properly after connecting to the computer: try another computer or a USB slot for testing

If the problem continues to occur, please contact us for warranty or repair

03How to adjust the mouse backlight and custom buttons?

Please go to [Download Center] install the program for your mouse model to set it up

04 How do I set the mouse's DPI?

Usually the DPI button is a small button below the scroll wheel, which can be pressed multiple times to switch settings. Users only need to confirm the usual mouse cursor speed, switch and test at the same time to find the best Suitable DPIsettings

It is recommended to confirm the DPI range of the mouse before purchasing to achieve the best hand speed for you

05 The mouse sensor seems to be malfunctioning and the cursor will drift. What should I do??

Please check if there is any unevenness on your desktop that causes the sensor to judge inaccurately, or use a mouse pad, and clean the mouse sensor to avoid foreign objects. If this problem persists, please contact us for warranty or Repair