Q&A-Gaming Chair

Does 01 gaming chair provide assembly services?

Currently we do not provide assembly services, but the actual assembly is not difficult. You only need to use the simple tools in the box and refer to the instructions.

02 What is the difference between 3D and 4D armrests?

3D armrests can be adjusted up and down/forward/backward/left and right, while 4D has an extra function to adjust the inside and outside of the armrest

03 Why is there no zipper puller for the zipper on the headrest and waistrest?

Because in the design, in order to avoid the zipper puller from scratching the leather surface or your clothes, the design without zipper puller is adopted. Some headrests or waistrests even have the zipper reversely designed to avoid the zipper on the outside. Foreign body sensation

04How to install the headrest and lumbar support?

Headrest: Wrap the elastic band around the butterfly buckle and pass it through the head hole of the gaming chair

Lumbar support: First untie the buckle of the lumbar support, lift the back of the chair, and buckle the buckle through the back of the chair. After installation, the lumbar pillow can be adjusted up and down to the most comfortable position for the user< /p>

05 What is the free angle, is it different from the general tilt angle?

The general tilt angle refers to the angle of the seat back that can be adjusted by the right handle on the gaming chair, while the free angle is under the seat. It is controlled by the handle that can adjust the tilt and can be adjusted according to the user's habits. Overall tilt of the seat