Shipping terms

At present, only [SF Home Delivery] can be used in Taiwan’s main island area, and it will be shipped 2 working days after the order is established (excluded on holidays)

Due to the large size of the product, the shipping fee for gaming chairs is 1pieces400yuan(Only in the island area)

The logistics freight of other commodities is based on the length, width and height not exceeding 90cm, and the weight 1kg below the freight rate80yuan as the benchmark

For large group purchases, please contact [Customer Center], and there are other discounts.

※ Outer island areas and remote areas below , due to the high shipping cost, you need to confirm that the consumer agrees to the freight quotation before shipping. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hsinchu: Jianshi Township, Wufeng Township

Miaoli: Taian Township

Taichung: Lishan, Guguan, Huanshan, Heping Township

Nantou: Lugu Township, Renai Township

Yunlin: Gukeng Township

Chiayi: Alishan Township, Meishan Township, Chiayi Farm

Kaohsiung: Neimen Township, Shanlin Township, Jiaxian Township, Liugui Township, Jiaxian Township(Xiaolin Village), Liugui Township(Baolai Village)

Pingtung: Wutai Township, Chunri Township, Taiwu Township, Sandimen Township

Yilan: Datong Township, Nan'ao Township

Hualien: Xiulin Township, Chishang Township, Haiduan Township

Taitung:Changbin Township, Donghe Township(Beiyuan Village), Taitung Area(Pasture&Prison)