E-sports chair comparison

Why chooseTESOROGaming Chair

Selecting a suitable gaming chair is a must for every player. There are many brands of gaming chair on the market, and there are not a few gaming chairs that are lower in price than TESORO. Why? Should you choose TESORO?

We call other brand gaming chairs(here called A brand and B brand) and TESORO Zone Balance Do the most comprehensive analysis and comparison

※Disclaimer ※

This comparison is not to attack other brands. Each gaming chair is equipped with different values ​​and functions.

This comparison is only a purely analysis of differences and finished products. Except for the TESORO products, the manufacturer and the brand name of the place of origin are not mentioned. Please forgive me.

Project 1: Tripod

You can find that the parts that have never been assembled, the A brand tripod adopts an assembled tripod, and the tripod screws need to be locked and formed, instead of a body of TESORO The formed five-star feet are made of iron, but the B brand tripod has a ribbed structure for safety and firmness.

Project 2: Handrails

Part A and B of the armrests are not 3D armrests, but are like folding armrests in a movie theater.

Project 3: Seat Bottom

Both A and B brands are made of wood, and the bottom of TESORO is made of mesh fabric and assisted by spring ribs to strengthen elastic support.

Project Four: Screws

In terms of screw details, TESORO uses spring washer, which is more stable in terms of fixation and safety, while A brand uses ordinary screws, without cushioning washers and buckles to help screw fixation.

Project five: interior decoration

In the inner filling part, brand A and brand B use recycled sponge and recycled sponge splicing, and the use of fragments is not comfortable in terms of comfort, while TESORO uses original sponge. Comfort and durability are better.

The filling of brand A uses two pieces of recycled sponge. The recycled sponge is placed in the interlayer. The cushion of the chair is made of mesh instead of leather. The TESORO uses full PU synthetic leather, which has a high degree of durability.

Project Six: Framework

TESORO uses an iron frame, the rear high-back design is also equipped with spring bars to achieve more comfortable elastic support, while the A brand uses a wooden structure,

It can be clearly seen from the cross-sectional view that both A and B brands use wooden boards as the bottom plate, and recycled sponges and recycled sponges are used as filling, while TESORO uses iron frames and original sponges, which are comfortable in the ride. Provides a better sense of comfort.


In general, the TESORO gaming chair has adjustable armrests from 3D to a five-star tripod. The interior part is equipped with spring bars on the cushion and back of the chair to strengthen support. It uses an iron frame instead of a wooden frame and sponge. It is also a one-piece primary sponge, which is more comfortable than recycled sponges and spliced ​​scraps of recycled sponges.

Now you know that the difference in price difference lies in quality, and it is especially obvious in places where ordinary users can’t see it. Long-term rides will definitely make you feel different!