PU leather review

What is the difference between Real Leather and PU Leather?

PU leather used none animal material to construct, despite that it still holds a very similar feel and appearance while being vegan friendly. PU leather are now almost as resilient and as the real leather, at the same time requires far less care to maintain than the real leather has to in order to stay in good shape.

Which materials are used in chairs from Tesoro?

Tesoro chair start with a solid steel frame at its core, packed with a cold foam padding a high density of approx. While quite firm, the great advantage of the higher density foam is that it will keep its shape for years of use.

Composed with Nylon and Polyurethane, our high-quality castors show exceptional movement on both soft and hard floors while our Polyurethane adjustable armrests offer a wide range of movement which give you a comfortable position the way you pleased.

Covered with PU leather or DuPont tree mesh(E series only), giving the customer a comfortable feel which requires little maintenance. Good quality also comes without the cost of animal material.

How do you suggest I maintain my Tesoro chair?

PU leather and DuPont tree mesh are easily to maintain than real leather, just using dry cloth to wipe the chair is mostly enough. If there's visible stain, spray a little detergent on the cloth and wipe it off.

Which Tesoro chair is a good fit for me?

The Tesoro chairs are suited for all kind of situation with best experience for sitting, whether it's for having a great time playing game or getting in the top shape for daily work. Tesoro chair comes in a variety of products for you to pick.

The Zone series are perfectly built for best gaming experience, it's the first choice for a gamer who's hitting the major league

Alphaeon S series got the look and the feel, old fashioned black with lines of neon shines out. Fitting in while catching the attention in the room no matter it's an office or a gamer base.

Alphaeon E series got the latest ergonomic design, with adjustable features from the bottom to the top, giving you a chance to customize your chair to support you in the most comfortable position.